What is Auto Consignment and How Does it Work?

At Reliable Autos Sales, we recommend auto consignment as an option for people looking to sell their car for the highest price possible but not wanting to deal with the hassles of selling the car themselves. By selling a car on consignment, a dealership sells the car for the owner for a fee.

Benefits of Auto Consignment in Las Vegas

Auto consignment in Las Vegas has many benefits:

  • The car is cleaned and detailed by the dealership, so the owner does not have to personally invest time and money to sell it.
  • By placing the car at a dealership, it has greater visibility and a larger pool of potential buyers.
  • The dealership deals with all the hassles of test drives, driver questions and DMV paperwork.
  • The dealership is able to offer services that an owner, as an individual, would not be able to, such as financing.
  • The dealership handles the transaction and related paperwork.
  • Selling the car on consignment typically means selling for higher than trade-in value.

The Consignment Process

The first step is to have the car appraised at the dealership. There it will go through an inspection and the owner will be asked some information regarding the car’s history and mileage. The inspection will assess the condition of the car as well as marketability.

Once complete, the owner is provided with a valuation using an estimated private party sale price.

Auto Consignment Tips

When looking to sell a car on consignment, look for the following traits in a dealership.

  • Safe and well-lit lot: Look for safety mechanisms such as barriers and special locks on the doors. Also, look for a well-lit lot as it increases both security and likelihood of a sale.
  • A professional sales team: The people selling a car must have the experience and tools necessary to sell a car.
  • Attractive and fully functional website: With an increase in the use of websites to make car sales, it’s important to sell on consignment to a dealership that can promote a car online efficiently.
  • Cars valued at a fair price: If the dealership prices other vehicles at prices that seem reasonable, and not too low, then it demonstrates it has a good pricing system.

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Reliable Auto Sales is the perfect place to sell a car on consignment in Las Vegas. We have a dedicated customer service and marketing team that will do everything necessary to have your car sold as soon as possible at a fair price.

Contact us today for more information on selling your car on consignment with Reliable Auto Sales.

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