Go Big or Go Home – What to Look for in Used Trucks

A used truck can be an ideal way to get around the city and move some serious goods. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for work, or you just like having the ability to move items in a hurry, a pickup truck can be the answer.

Looking for a truck isn’t exactly like shopping for any used vehicle though. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when you’re browsing the market for used trucks.


Just like with any vehicle, the mileage on a truck’s odometer is important to know. As a general rule of thumb, more than 10,000 miles per model year puts you in the danger zone.

Avoid buying used trucks that have a lot of miles and that have been in any accidents.

Towing Capability

Most people want a truck with the right towing capability. If you’re buying one for work, you might need some serous towing power.

Check out the manufacturer’s statistics on towing before you buy. Knowing how the truck was used in the past can also help you determine potential wear and tear.

If possible, look for a truck with minimal towing hours.

Gas mileage

If you’re buying a truck that you will use daily for work, you need to consider how much gas you’ll be putting into the vehicle. A lot of power is great if you need a truck for heavy-duty work, but driving one with a huge V8 engine won’t do much for your pocketbook if you don’t need that much power.

Learn about the gas mileage and make sure it’s the right fit for you and your overall needs.

Learn About Any Commercial Past

A lot of used trucks that are strong and large enough to haul big items, may have been used for just that purpose. Trucks used for commercial purposes are likely to have some serious wear on them.

While a truck previously used in a commercial capacity isn’t always bad, you should have any truck with a commercial past checked by a mechanic before buying. You don’t want to find out down the road that you need repairs that nobody was aware of at the time of the sale.

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