Getting Away from It All: Red Rock Canyon at Its Finest

rock climbing red rock canyonLas Vegas goes by many names: Sin City, City of Lights. All of these names seize on the hustle and bustle it offers. People come from all over the world to see it, yet one of America’s greatest treasures, the Red Rock Canyon, is just beyond the city. We go exploring what Red Rock has to offer.

Red Rock Canyon

Nearly 200,000 acres in Nevada attracts over one million people every year. Why? Because the formations of red rock that jump from the surface of the earth bring to mind the essential western landscape. Sweeping and beautiful, jagged and unforgiving, Red Rock Canyon is The West.

Ways to Explore

If you’re looking to get an overview of this tremendous place, there are three different paved paths to take your car and see the highlights. Bitter Springs Byway, Gold Butte Byway, and Red Rock Canyon Byway all allow for breathtaking views of desert animals, rock formations, waterfalls, and stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Ways to Experience

Red Rock Canyon allows for a wide array of in-roads. Hike one of the many well-maintained trails for quiet views you can’t get from behind the wheel. Try biking or horseback riding in the valleys with the rock walls looming. For the more adventurous, Keyhole Canyon and Arrow Canyon offer some of the finest rock climbing in the state.

Ways to Savor

If you want to get into the park and truly feel what it’s like to be there, the park offers campgrounds for all levels, those looking for the amenities of civilization or those looking to rough it as our forebears did.

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