Four Ways to Improve Your Parking Skills


Parking is one of those driving skills that either comes naturally or it doesn’t. If you’ve been plagued by poor parking skills, here are a few ways to improve.

1. Use Your Mirrors

Many drivers forget to use their mirrors when parking, limiting their visibility. Ensure your mirrors are set properly to minimize blind spots. Especially when parallel parking, you need to check your rearview mirror for approaching vehicles and use your side mirrors for guidance.

2. Pick an Easy Spot

You don’t need to always park close. If parking in tight spaces stresses you out, avoid them altogether and opt for a spot further out. Parking in less crowded areas reduces the chance of damaging your vehicle and makes it easier to pull in and out.

3. Practice

There’s nothing wrong with heading to a vacant parking lot once a week to practice. This is the best way to learn how to utilize your mirrors and any park-assist technology your car has. Just be sure to practice both vertical and parallel parking, as you never know what situation you’ll find yourself in.

4. Rely on Technology

If you own a newer car with a rearview camera and other park-assist features, use them! Parking guidance technology is a great thing to have when you’re a poor parker because it helps you learn how to better navigate tight spaces.

Practice makes perfect, but a little help never hurt. If you want to invest in a car with park-assist technology, stop by Reliable Auto Sales today!
Image via Flickr by Anosmia


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