Favorite Auto Shows On TV

Favorite Auto Shows On TV

Right now is a great time to be an auto enthusiast. Five years ago there were almost no car shows on television, but today we have a number of great ones to choose from. Some are all about road testing cars, some are about showing us the newest and coolest vehicles automakers have to offer, and some are just about having fun on the road, with hosts that make the shows enjoyable to watch.

Car lovers will want to check out these great shows:

  1. Top Gear: Top Gear is definitely for most gearheads out there. There is a UK version as well as a US version. Both shows have funny, enthusiastic hosts, and the shows focus on humor and entertainment as much as they focus on information. The hosts are often seen driving very expensive cars at very high rates of speed (on closed courses) making us all wish we were them.
  2. Counting Cars: Counting Cars is a car show similar to Pawn Stars or Antiques Roadshow. In fact, the expert on Counting Cars, ‘The Count’ (Danny Koker) is often called in on Pawn Stars to appraise vehicles people want to sell. Counting Cars follows Koker’s business, Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas; he specializes in dealing old classics as well as motorcycles and he’s always looking for cars in Las Vegas to purchase. On the show, he even flags down owners of cars he likes on the street, asking if they’d be interested in selling.
  3. Fifth Gear: This is an enjoyable show because the hosts are personable and likable. It’s been on for over 23 seasons, so they are doing something right. This is really the biggest rival of Top Gear. Instead of cars worth a quarter of a million dollars, Fifth Gear reviews and test-drives cars which are more affordable.
  4. American Chopper: When we think of car shows, American Chopper always comes to mind. While it is a bit dramatic, this is a show about building custom motorcycles at the core. The show started off with a father-son team, but the two parted ways and they now have a spin-off series where they go head-to-head rather than work together.

Whether you love competitions or just learning about new cars, you’ll surely enjoy one of these TV car shows.

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