Enjoy the Summer Breeze at These 3 Natural Las Vegas Attractions

The Strip may be the first thing you think of when you think Las Vegas, but there’s plenty of natural beauty to see in the area, too. For instance:

Lake Mead

This massive lake offers some relief from the harsh desert heat in the form of swimming, boating, and fishing, and you can find both picnic spots for a day trip and camping sites for a weekend visit. You can also find plenty of hiking trails that will let you admire the stark beauty of the surrounding area, or you can go on a canoe trip up the Colorado River.

Valley of Fire

Named for the flame-red rocks which make the area stand out, the Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park and holds artifacts from eras even older. By following the established trails, you can find petroglyphs left by the area’s first human inhabitants and petrified wood from when the land was green instead of red.

Death Valley

The lowest spot in North America is just two hours away from Vegas. Early American settlers may not have appreciated the beauty of Death Valley when they had to cross it on foot to reach California, but modern visitors can enjoy the scenery which sometimes seems like it belongs on another planet. That being said, you should remember to pack plenty of water in order to appreciate Death Valley safely.

Whether you prefer the glitz and the spectacle which human entertainment provides or the sights you can only see in an unspoiled wilderness, Las Vegas has you covered.

Image via Flickr by paramita


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