Your Drag Racing Guide for Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Drag racing fans of all ages will enjoy the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS). Not only can you watch several types of races, from NASCAR to NHRA, but Midnight Mayhem at the drag strip lets you get in on the action yourself. Here is your drag racing guide to LVMS.

Best Time to Go

The LVMS hosts a variety of events, including the Jr. Dragster Series, the Bracket Series, NHRA races, and more. Midnight Mayhem events throughout the year offer a safe alternative to illegal street racing. The racing season runs from mid-May through early December, and you can find a complete schedule online. The best time to go depends on what you want to see and do.

Tips for First-Time Racers

Racers can find a variety of information, including schedules and entry forms, on the LVMS Drag Strip website. Midnight Mayhem rules are also posted online. Be sure to check the dress code in particular. For instance, drivers and passengers are must wear full-length pants, socks, and shoes. Also, make sure you drive your racing vehicle to the track, as vehicles on trailers are not allowed.

Activities for Nonracers

Feed your inner race fan by taking a tour or visiting the gift shop. On NASCAR race weekends, check out the concessions and live entertainment at the Neon Garage. The LVMS also hosts Nevada’s biggest drive-thru light show during the holiday season, as well as other events throughout the year, and several driving experiences for racing fans.

Whether you plan to participate or just watch a race, you won’t be disappointed by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There is even plenty to do on nonrace days.

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