Five Common Mistakes Car Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes While Selling Your Car - Reliable AutoSelling a used car is much more than exchanging a vehicle for money. Depending on how it’s sold, a car sale can require a significant investment in time and paperwork.

In today’s world, a car can be sold or bought anywhere from Craigslist to a dealership. For those looking for the safest option, selling to a dealership is the better option. Not only is there less risk, but the dealership will deal with most of the paperwork.

Common Car Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the top mistakes people make when selling their used cars and how to avoid them.

Failure to provide service records

Maintaining service records demonstrates the car not only looks good but is also in good condition. A dealer will likely provide a higher offer when presented with service records so make sure to take some with you when taking your car to the dealer for an evaluation.

Poor vehicle condition or appearance

When a good car looks bad, it is likely buyers will not be interested at all or ask for a lower selling price. Keep your car clean and opt for getting it detailed to attract better offers. A dealer is likely to offer a higher price if the car looks in peak condition.

Using wrong price tag

It’s easy to get caught up in selling the car at the highest price possible, but it’s best to research the appropriate selling price. Before turning down an offer from a dealer, look up your car’s value online.

Mishandling  paperwork

A third-party sale is tricky, especially for the seller. Third-party sales are notorious for paperwork mistakes. A seller must sign over the title, the bill of sale and a release of liability. By not completing said paperwork, a seller runs the risk of taking responsibility for any wrongdoing or criminal activity done with the car.

Falling to Fraud

Another mistake that is more likely to occur when completing a third-party sale is falling for fraud. There is always a risk that the buyer’s check won’t be verifiable or that the buyer may not finish paying off the vehicle if there is an agreed upon payment plan.

How to Sell a Used Car

We at Reliable Auto Sales can make you the best offer in town for your used car or truck. Call us or visit our Las Vegas location to learn about how easy it is to sell your used car to Reliable Auto Sales.

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