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The Top 8 Most Reliable Car Brands

Your vehicle is more than just an investment – it makes everything about your life easier. Running into issues, known problems, and minor breakdowns is a huge inconvenience, causing a massive disruption to your...

What are the Best-Selling Cars in America - Reliable Auto

What are the Best-Selling Cars in America?

The best-selling cars in America achieve that lofty status for simple, but important reasons. They’re the most reliable, perform well or get great gas mileage, but there’s more. They also offer tremendous value over the...

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2017's Most Fuel-Efficient Cars and Trucks

The most fuel-efficient cars are not necessarily those econobox cars that broadcast “I settled” to other drivers. Consider the Fiat 500e: It’s as sporty and sassy a car as anyone could want, yet it’s...