The Best Times of the Year to Sell Your Car

When to Sell My Car in Las Vegas - Reliable Auto SalesThere is such thing as a best time to sell a car, but when that time is depends on what kind of car you’re trying to sell and factors such as the season and even politics. Here are the main factors to consider when deciding on the right time to sell your car for maximum value:

Selling Your Car During The Summer

The best season to sell most cars is summer. It’s the season when many different people need transportation for all sorts of reasons. There are holidays and big events throughout the summer that require different kinds of cars. Those selling, no matter the car, have a good chance at getting their car sold.

Summer is road trip season, meaning people will be out looking for reliable cars that can accommodate a group of people or simply is good for long-distance traveling.

Summer also brings higher temperatures, which means fewer people will be willing to walk or use public transportation and will be more open to the idea of investing in an economic option.

Towards the end of summer, people tend to want to drive convertibles or sports cars so it’s a perfect time to sell those types of cars.

Graduation is typically at the beginning of summer and many parents like to gift cars as a graduation present.

Important Dates To Sell Your Car

During these times dealers will typically have sales and market heavily, meaning people will have the idea of buying a car in mind. Take advantage of that and try selling your car during these time periods.

Tax rebate season and bonus season: These are good times to sell luxury or high-end vehicles.

Hunting season: This is a good time to sell trucks and 4x4s.

Holidays: The Los Angeles Times reported sales increase for many makes during the Christmas holiday season.

Finance and Politics Impacting Your Car Sale

Fuel prices are the biggest indicator of what type of car will be easiest to sell.

While prices are high, it is easier to sell fuel-efficient or hybrid cars. While prices are low, it is easier to sell cars that typically consume more gas.

The cost of public transportation can also influence car sales. When prices increase, people don’t view public transportation as much of an economic option and are more willing to spend on a car.

Reliable Auto Sales

We at Reliable Auto Sales know that it can be difficult to sell a car in Las Vegas. Let us make the process easier for you. We can buy your car at a fair price, or sell it for you. Contact us today for more information.

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