Buying Used? Check Out the Best Cars of 2016

Another year is almost over and we at Reliable Auto Sales thought it would be a good time to take stock, so to speak, of the best used cars of 2016. We might not have all of these cars on our lot right now, but with used cars in Las Vegas, you never know when one might show up.


Whether it’s running about town or the occasional long-distance trip, a good sedan can get you, your gear and your friends or family members where you need to be.  The Toyota Camry is, and has long been, a solid basic sedan with tremendous reliability. Honda continues to provide a double dose of good sedans with the Accord covering those who need a good family car and the Civic for people who need a more compact car that doesn’t feel like one.

SUVs and Trucks

Sometimes, you just need a truck.  It might be to haul bricks for that patio you’re putting in, or be able to handle the backwoods trails that would shred a regular car. The Chevy Silverado combines good cargo capacity with pleasant city-style amenities. Its longtime rival, the Ford F-150, matches it closely enough to make choosing between the two hard.

Buyers who need to haul more people than cargo can get a good deal going with the Toyota Sequoia. And for those who need to haul even more than that, the Chevy Tahoe provides plenty of room for big objects or most of a Little League team.

Sports Cars

Are you feeling the need for speed?  Good, because that need can be satisfied in a number of ways. You can go with one of the classic muscle cars, the Ford Mustang, which provides plenty of horsepower and good handling whether it’s a base model or a coveted Shelby 350GT.

There’s the updated Dodge Challenger, a straight-line rocket ship that can shut down most cars next to you at the stop light. For those whose tastes run more to road than track, the Porsche 911 is one of the signature sports cars for any motorhead, delivering snappy handling and smooth acceleration.

Or if you want to try your hand at impersonating Robert Downey Jr., slip into the driver’s seat of an Audi TT and see who says, “Look, it’s Iron Man!”

Reliable Auto Sales

Whatever your needs, there’s a good selection of used cars at Reliable Auto Sales, and we’d like to put you into one of the best cars of this year, or any year.

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