4 Simple Tips for Easier Parallel Parking

5063128187_c473eab121_bMany drivers will go out of their way to avoid parallel parking. While it may seem difficult, this way of parking is actually fairly simple as long as you follow the directions precisely. Here are some simple tips for easier parallel parking and for getting it right every time.

Pulling Up

Pull your car up along the car in front of the space. Make sure your rear axle is lined up with their front bumper, and then bring your car to a full stop.

Turn Your Wheel

While you are still stopped, turn your wheel all the way to the right. Don’t start moving while you are turning the wheel, and make sure you turn your wheel all the way. It is very important that you do not move forward or backward at this time.

Backing Up

Once the wheel comes to a stop, look out the back of the car. Start to slowly back up, keeping the wheel turned. Your car should start to turn into the spot. When the front-right corner of the car behind the parking spot is in the middle of your rear windshield, stop. Once you have stopped, turn your wheel to the middle position, and start backing up again.


When your car clears the front car, stop and turn the wheel all the way to the left, then keep backing in. Keep the wheel turned to the left.

If you follow these directions exactly, there is no reason to avoid parallel parking. You’ll get it right every time.


Image via Flickr by Todd Mecklem


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