4 Reliable Used Car Brands

2552715259_e7f2d35445_b-2Buying used can be beneficial to your household in terms of finances. Not only are used cars typically cheaper purchases, but they can often perform just as well as a car that’s fresh out of the factory. Here are four reliable used car brands you can trust when investing in a new-to-you car.


Certain models of the Toyota brand are considered to be the most reliable used car models by some, as they can run well over 200,000 miles before they finally start to give out. Toyotas are well-crafted machines that look great and run even better, lasting throughout the years and multiple owners. It shouldn’t be any surprise that they are at the top of the list.


In a close second to Toyota is Honda. While these cars are also built with longevity in mind, they oftentimes don’t run as long as Toyotas do. Even still, if you are considering investing in a slightly used Honda, you can rest assured knowing it will provide you a solid mode of transportation well into the future.

Dodge or Ford?

When many think of Dodge and Ford, they often think of similarly styled trucks, but when you buy used, there can a big difference between these two brands. If you are looking to buy a used truck, Ram could be the way to go. However, if you need a car, Ford might be the better choice.

The great thing about the four brands listed above is that they are already affordable vehicles. But when you buy them used, you are getting a great discount for a still-excellent car.


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