4 Reasons to Visit the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

27282448494_b63b4cc671_bOpened in 2012, Las Vegas’ Mob Museum showcases the history of the Mafia, its most notorious gangsters, and law enforcement’s efforts to stop them. Here are four reasons you need to add a stop at the Mob Museum to your Las Vegas itinerary.

Listen to Wiretapping Recordings

If you’ve ever wondered what really went on behind the Mob’s closed doors — not just what’s portrayed in the movies — the Wiretapping exhibit at the Mob Museum is your chance. Listen to real police wiretapping recordings used to bring down Mob members like John Gotti.

Enter the Scene of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Chicago’s 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was one of the bloodiest, most infamous events in Mob history, and the bricks from the crime scene have been reassembled in a Mob Museum exhibit. Stand in front of the bullet hole-riddled wall and imagine what it would have been like to be a part of Al Capone’s gruesome attack on the North Side Gang.

View Actual Mob Weapons

The Mob Museum is home to guns used by real Mob members, including Joe Bonanno’s sawed-off shotgun and Jack McGurn’s Tommy gun. You’ll also be able to see the guns used by law enforcement members fighting the Mob, like Sheriff Ralph Lamb’s rifle and undercover agent Mike Malone’s revolver.

Experience a Police Lineup

Line up behind a one-way mirror with your friends and experience being a suspect in a police lineup. After you’ve perfected your unrepentant criminal smirk, take home a souvenir photo to show off.

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, don’t miss the change to learn about the seedy underbelly of American history at the Mob Museum.

Image via Flickr by Phil Guest

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