4 Most Common Car Problems

Automobiles are complicated machines, and that means there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. Here are some of the most common problems and how to avoid them:

Dead Battery

Car batteries eventually wear out and refuse to hold a charge, and when that happens there’s no way to start your car until you replace it. Fortunately, a mechanic can check how your battery’s charge is holding up during a routine service checkup and many auto shops offer free battery tests.

Flat Tire

The best way to avoid tire troubles is to rotate them regularly, keep them properly inflated, and replace them if the treads wear down or the side walls show significant damage. Also, if you need to use your spare tire, remember that they aren’t rated for long-term use.


If your garage or parking space develops a dark stain underneath your car, it’s a sure sign that something’s leaking. Depending on what’s leaking and how fast, this could be a minor problem or something that needs immediate attention, so visit your mechanic right away and then judge for yourself if the repair is worth the price.

Loose Fuel Cap

If your fuel cap is damaged, worn out, or missing, you could be losing money thanks to evaporating fuel. Assuming the problem doesn’t go away by tightening the cap, buying a replacement cap is both cheap and easy.

Every car wears out over time, but if you stay on top of your scheduled service visits you should avoid most major mishaps.

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