3 Top Hikes Near Las Vegas

10893679926_0d52b4ba87_bWhen you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of the Strip complete with lights, casinos, hotels, and attractions. But did you know that the area also has some phenomenal places where you can hike? Read about 3 top hiking spots to venture into.

Valley of Fire State Park-Fire Canyon

Nevada’s oldest state park houses one of the dream sites for hiking. At 34,000 acres plus, it has red rock cliffs, valleys, and canyons. Most people consider Valley of Fire to be the ultimate hiking dream. The three mile hike through Fire Canyon shows off rocks that appear to be on fire when sunlight shines on them. You will take Interstate 15 North and get off on exit 75. Travel south on Route 169 for about 15 miles.

Mount Charleston-Big Falls

Big Falls with its amazing 100-foot waterfall is best viewed in the spring. The deck perched on 7,700 feet at the Mount Charleston Lodge is the perfect place to have a hot beverage. Travel on Interstate 95 to State Route 157, then drive about 21 miles merging onto Echo Drive. Take a left at the Mary Jane Falls sign. It is located less than a mile ahead.

East Las Vegas-Frenchman Mountain

It is the highest peak on the range of East Las Vegas. There are two peaks: a northern false summit at almost 4,000 feet and a southern true summit at over 4,000 feet. Travel east on Lake Mead Boulevard. When you enter the canyon between Sunrise and Frenchman Mountains, look for the dirt road to the right that leads up the side of the mountain.

These trails offer a part of Las Vegas that few tourists know about. They are a welcome addition to a family vacation or outing with friends.

Image via Flickr by Chief Bwana


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