3 Tips to Conduct the Perfect Test Drive

Part of the car-buying process involves test driving vehicles, and when you do this, you want to experience everything that car has to offer. So how do you make sure this happens? Here are three tips to conduct the perfect test drive.

Get Comfortable

First things first, you need to sit down in the driver’s seat and adjust it to your comfort. This includes moving your seat forward or back, adjusting it up and down, and positioning your steering wheel into a comfortable position. Adjust your mirrors so you can see. Then make a point to notice how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel.

Take Inventory

Once you have made yourself as comfortable as possible, you need to take inventory of all the gauges and technology in front of you. Pay attention to where the gauges are and how the function. Find the Bluetooth features, and see what items you can control hands free or via voice control. Ask the sales associate about any buttons or features you are unfamiliar with.

Hit the Road

Last but not least, you need to feel how the vehicle drives, so hit the road. Take the car out onto the highway and see how much power it has, as well as how quickly it gets up to speed. Take several corners so you can evaluate the car’s control and suspension system. Experience everything the car has to offer.

Now that you know how to conduct the perfect test drive, all you need to do is decide which car you want to try.

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