3 Tips for Keeping Your Tires in Great Shape

312677831_0dedad1fe8_bWhich part of your vehicle has the most contact with the road? Your tires. Their maintenance is important to staying safe on the road. Learn about these three tips to help you do that.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

When your tires have the correct inflation, the life of them is extended. This also contributes to better gas mileage. You can consult your car manual to discover the proper tire pressure needed. Over inflation could cause only the middle part of the tire to connect with the road. Under inflation could cause only the outer part of the tire to connect. Most gas stations provide coin-operated air pressure machines that display your tire pressure until it reaches the correct capacity.

Keep Wheels Aligned

Are your tires in the correct position according to the manufacturer’s recommendations? If not, uneven wear and tear can occur. This also affects the handling of your vehicle and how it rides. Wheel alignments should be done when you purchase new tires and if you notice that the steering is poor. This service allows the car to travel in a straight line and not veer to the side.

Use Nitrogen Instead of Air

Nitrogen is dry air minus oxygen. Some car maintenance shops have begun filling their customers’ tires with it instead of compressed air. Nitrogen helps decrease the amount of air that can leak from your tires. This keeps the tire pressure closer to where it needs to be. The vehicle and tire manufacturer recommendations should be heeded for the best results.

Routine tire maintenance is crucial for the safety of drivers and passengers on the road. This upkeep is key to preventing flats, blowouts, and expensive repairs for your car.

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