3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in the Las Vegas Heat

Leaving your car parked outside in the hot sun can turn the interior into a virtual oven. Keep your car cool in the Las Vegas heat with these three tips.

Use a Sunshade

Start by placing sunshades or window visors over your car’s windshield. For additional heat protection, you can even buy them for the back window. Using these sunshades can reduce the temperature in your car significantly, especially if you use them even when leaving your car for only a few minutes.

Crack the Windows

When you combine using sunshades with cracking your windows open an inch, you give the heat trapped inside the car a chance to escape. Just be sure no chance of rain appears in the weather forecast, or your interior could end up getting wet. You can also install a set of ventshades that allow you to crack the windows no matter the weather.

Adjust the Vents

Everyone knows that hot air rises. You can make your car’s air conditioner far more effective by either directing the cold air through the vents at your feet or by turning the dash vents down. Open the windows slightly to give the rising hot air a place to escape until the temperature in your car has cooled down.

Not only will these tips help keep your car cool in the Las Vegas heat, but they can also help improve your gas mileage by reducing how hard your air conditioner has to work.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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