3 Signs Your Transmission Needs Work

It is common to hear people say their car is in the shop getting its transmission worked on. But if you have never had that experience yourself, you may wonder how you know a transmission needs service. Here are three signs your transmission needs work.

Rough Shifting With or Without Noise

You may notice that your transmission is not shifting as smoothly as normal. Maybe it lugs a little more and jerks into gear, or maybe it clunks into gear with a loud noise. Either way, these are signs that it’s time for a checkup.

Transmission Slips

Similar to rough shifting is the transmission slip. When your transmission slips, it feels like your transmission changes gears at an odd times or for no reason at all. You can’t help but notice this happening because your revolutions per minute (RPM) rate will shoot up and you will feel like you are either in a higher or lower gear.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Any fluid leaking from your car is a sign you need to get it looked at, but which fluid it is can easily be determined by color and smell. If you have transmission fluid leaking, you will find a red or reddish-brown color fluid under your car. Don’t just refill the fluid; have it looked at, because filling with incorrect amounts of fluid can create bigger problems.

There are other signs your transmission needs work other than these three, but these are likely the ones you will notice most often.

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