3 Reasons to Buy Your Used Car From a Dealership


When you’re ready to buy a used car, it may be tempting to buy through a private sale. However, there are several reasons to make your purchase from a dealer. Keep reading for three reasons to buy your used car from a dealership.

You May Get a Warranty

In a private sale, another car owner isn’t going to give you a warranty. However, a dealership may offer you one to give you confidence in the used car you’re buying. In most cases, dealers have to give you a warranty on a car that’s less than a decade old and has mileage below a certain threshold. When you’re negotiating with a dealer to buy a pre-owned car, ask if it comes with a warranty and what it covers.

Trade-in Your Old Car

A big perk that comes from working with a dealership is the ability to trade in your car and earn money toward the purchase of your next vehicle. Even if you haven’t paid off your car, the dealership can help you figure out how to roll financing for the two cars into a new loan.

Look for Certified Pre-owned Cars

Many dealerships have certified pre-owned vehicles that undergo rigorous testing and an inspection. To earn certification, cars must pass the extensive evaluation. Often, these vehicles fall under their own warranties.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying your next used car from a dealership is knowing you’ll get the title. In addition, the dealership handles the remaining paperwork you’d have to handle yourself in a private-party sale.


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