3 Quick Road Trips from Las Vegas


Whether you’re “waking up in Vegas” because you live there or are just visiting, you have plenty of sightseeing options that aren’t near the famous casinos. While it’s fun to play the slots and people watch, hop in the car and drive away from the congested streets of the city for a change of pace and scenery. Check out these three suggestions for a quick road trip from Las Vegas.

Head to the Hoover Dam

Plan to drive about 45 minutes to reach the Hoover Dam near Boulder City. At the visitor center, there’s information about the dam’s engineering and history, and you can book a tour. If you explore the power plant, expect to spend about 30 minutes inside the facility. Touring the dam itself takes about an hour.

Visit Zion National Park in Utah

Travel three hours to Zion National Park to create memories that will last a lifetime. If you don’t mind driving this far, you’re sure to enjoy this canyon area with its soaring sandstone cliffs. Because the park service offers free shuttles throughout the park, you can easily explore various areas of the canyons.

Drive to the Valley of Fire

Known for tall rocks in a blazing red hue, Valley of Fire is an incredibly scenic area about an hour’s drive from Vegas. Capture the best photos at sunup and sundown when the fire-red rocks are set against the colors of the sky.

In addition, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon are good places to go on a quick road trip from Vegas.


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