3 Quick Fixes for a Car Scratch

Not only is a scratch in your paint job bad for your car’s aesthetics, it’s an easy way for rust to get in and start damaging the body panels and even the frame. If the scratch is deep enough that it reaches the steel, you may need a professional’s help, but a scratch in the clear-coat or the paint is simple enough to fix:

Try Toothpaste for Surface Scratches

If the scratch is more of a stubborn scuff mark than anything else, toothpaste can work. Toothpaste works like sandpaper that’s too fine to damage your tooth enamel, and it can do the same job for the surface of your car.

Use Polish for Clear-Coat Scratches

If the scratch is too light to catch your fingernail, then the only damage is to the rustproof clear-coat that protects your car’s paint. There are plenty of scratch repair and car polish products you can use to remove the damage.

Get Some Paint for Base Coat and Primer Scratches

If you can see a different shade of paint or steel at the base of the scratch, or if it catches your fingernail, you’ll need to sand down the area and find some paint of the same color to completely eliminate the scratch damage. After that you’ll need to apply clear-coat and sand the area smooth.

The deeper a scratch gets, the more skill you’ll need to fix the damage. If it goes down past your comfort point, don’t be afraid to call in the experts and get the repairs done right.

Image via Flickr by sureshnarsimhan


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