3 Must-See Historic Sites in Las Vegas


Visiting Las Vegas, you might be under the impression that it’s a town that lives in the moment rather than remembering the past. However, there are plenty of historical sites in and around town that still work to remember its history.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum keeps a back lot full of the discarded neon and incandescent signs that defined the first Vegas Strip the same way LEDs and fiber-optic lights define modern casinos. Tickets cost extra if you stop by after dark, but you’ll see an incredible light show.

The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

The history of Las Vegas stretches back to 1855, when Mormon missionaries built an adobe fort near what’s now the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue. For exactly one dollar, you can tour the old building and learn about how the original settlement grew into a town. The Natural History Museum is also next door.

Hoover Dam

It’s hard to say no to visiting one of the most iconic dams in the world, especially when it runs a hydroelectric plant so powerful it keeps all the lights on in Vegas. Hoover Dam offers tours and a gift shop. It’s also a good starting point for anyone who wants to explore the shores and camp out along Lake Mead.

If you ever grow tired of the glitzy, modern hotels, casinos, and malls of the Vegas Strip, there are plenty of alternatives you can visit instead.

Image via Flickr by Ralph Arvesen


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