3 Hondas That Make Las Vegas Driving Easy

Urban driving is a different beast from rural and highway driving, so much so that it’s a separate category on fuel efficiency tests. Fortunately, Honda makes plenty of vehicles suited for urban areas like Las Vegas:

Honda Fit

The tiny Fit may not have the best horsepower or all the features that make long-term drives comfortable, but its extremely efficient engine provides 33 city mpg without even being a hybrid and the wide windows offer plenty of visibility, an important feature for when you’re maneuvering through a crowded intersection or parking lot.

Honda CR-V

This compact crossover offers 37.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back row, plenty for groceries, sports equipment, or helping out on moving day. The CR-V’s city mpg is a respectable 26, and its relatively small size makes it easy to drive through tight spots and fit in parking spaces.

Honda Accord Hybrid

One of the major advantages of hybrids is the fact that city fuel efficiency jumps significantly thanks to how the engine shuts off during start-and-stop traffic. The Accord Hybrid is a perfect example of this with its incredible 50 city mpg, and it comes with all the other advantages of an Accord: high marks for safety, over 12 cubic feet of room in the trunk, and plenty of legroom for front and rear passengers.

Las Vegas may be famous for gambling, but there’s no reason to take a gamble on your vehicle, especially when Honda has plenty of excellent options for urban driving.

Image via Flickr by Dennis Jarvis


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