3 Car-Buying Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)



Buying a car can be stressful because you’re investing a large amount of money for something you’re likely to use every day. To help reduce your concern, here’s a list of three car-buying mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

Not Having Your Financial Ducks in a Row

Many people shop for a car without knowing how much they can afford to spend. Before you head to your dealership, consult your bank to find out what type of loan they’ll give you. Your bank can help you determine how much money you have for a down payment and calculate an acceptable amount for a monthly car payment. Don’t shop until you know how much money you can drop.

Not Doing a Serious Test Drive

If that new-car smell has you in a state of bliss, you may forget to truly test the car. See how well it responds to a quick and hard application of the brakes. Drive on city streets and a highway. Most importantly, go for a spin on roads similar to the ones you take for your commute. This will tell you if the car is right for you.

Failing to Get a Vehicle’s History

When shopping for pre-owned cars, ask to see a vehicle’s history before deciding to buy it. Most dealerships can give you this information. As you look at the report, check for past crashes and how many owners it’s had. If the car has changed hands many times, that could be a red flag.

By being careful and prepared, you can avoid these three common car-buying missteps.


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