3 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in Nevada

Some people are just born a little different from everyone else. However, they aren’t easy to point out. These people choose various professions and blend right in. Sometimes though, these same people build things. Things so bizarre, you aren’t quite sure what to make of them. In Nevada, there’s more than enough of these to go around. Here’s a few you can find right off the road.

The Car Forest of the Last Church

This strange attraction features over 40 graffitied cars, stacked on top of each other or buried in the ground. It was the work of two Las Vegas artists with a vision, although both no longer tend to or add to the site. You can find the Car Forest on U.S. Highway 95, just near Goldfield.

World’s Largest Firecracker

Apparently, U.S. Highway 95 is just full of surprises. Another one is the World’s Largest Firecracker, which is actually an advertisement for a fireworks store in Amargosa Valley. In actuality, it’s a large water tank that’s been painted red with a fuse attached. The rumor is you can see it for over a mile away.

The Toilet Paper Hero of Hoover Dam

When construction started on the Hoover Dam in 1931, it took the work of 7,000 men to finally complete it. None of those men were as important as Alabam. Legend has it that Alabam was the on-site outhouse cleaner during the building process. Today, the town of Boulder City has built a bronze sculpture of Alabam, the bravest and perhaps most courageous man at Hoover Dam.

There are tons of interesting attractions throughout Nevada. But perhaps the best ones are ones that make you ask why.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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