3 Best Pizza Places Around Las Vegas

4257697258_7790b376cf_oPizza is one of the favorite and most universally recognized foods on the planet. Las Vegas is home to many places where you can find great pizza. Here is a list of the top three places where you can go for great pizza in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nove Italiano

At the top of the list is Nove Italiano at the Palms Casino Resort. Guests reviewed this location citing great food, service, and views as a leading reasons to check it out. Nove Italiano provides a wide range of Italian foods, but the pizza stands out from the rest.

Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria

Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria on Durango Drive is another excellent place for pizza. It is also a great experience for the entire family. It offers top quality pizza with a wide range of side dishes like fried zucchini. There is definitely something for the whole family, even the ones that don’t like pizza.

Secret Pizza

Another great place to get pizza in Las Vegas is Secret Pizza. Located on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, it is positioned close to all of the action. This makes it easy to stop in for a quick slice or two in between activities.

Las Vegas is a great city with adventures for the entire family. Several of the top pizza places offer delicious food and fun for the whole family, and at reasonable prices too. Check out these places and more during your next trip to Las Vegas.

Image via Flickr by Marijke Blazer


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