3 Beautiful Drives Near Las Vegas

Driving around Las Vegas, especially on the Strip, is quite the experience. There are tons of spectacles to see including lights, casinos, and other eye candy. However, there is still a lot to explore outside the city without having to drive too far. If you’re looking to break the mold of the typical Vegas excursion or are just looking to do something a bit different, check out these beautiful drives near Las Vegas.

Red Rock Loop

Located just over 20 miles west of Las Vegas on State Highway 159, you’ll find the Red Rock Loop. This 13-mile loop traverses the terrain around Red Rock Canyon and showcases the interesting landscape surrounding Vegas. You can opt for a hike or a picnic lunch here, or simply find a good spot and take in the view.

Interstate 15 to Moapa

Driving southwest on Interstate 15, you’ll run into the Moapa Paiutes Indian Reservation after about 50 miles, but the scenery starts well beforehand. Along the way, you’ll get to see the remains of a dried-up riverbed, which produced some very alien-looking sandstone formations. In Moapa, you can grab lunch or peruse the largest fireworks store in the west.

Mt. Charleston Mountains

If you love the majestic appearance of mountains, head 43 miles north of Las Vegas to find the Mt. Charleston Mountains. You’ll know you’ve arrived when the surrounding landscape begins to change from desert to a densely forested area. There are several places to stay once you’re there, or you can hop back on Highway 95 to head back home.

There are so many beautiful drives around Las Vegas that it’s hard to choose just one. So, it’s probably best to do them all.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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