3 Amazing Places to People-Watch in Las Vegas


Perhaps there’s something in the air, or maybe all the bright lights of the Vegas Strip are somehow hypnotic. However, Las Vegas definitely has more unusual characters than you’d expect from an international tourist destination, which makes people watching in Vegas its own form of entertainment, as long as you know where to look.

The Fremont Street Experience

This open-air mall comes with plenty of stores, restaurants, a giant TV, live musicians, and a light show that starts up after dark. Oh, and of course the mall is packed full of people of all sorts whom you can watch to your heart’s content.

The Cosmopolitan

With a name that means “experienced world traveler,” you can imagine that the Cosmopolitan Casino has an ecclectic blend of restaurants, stores, concerts, and performers, and that it has a clientele to match. Highlights include French, Italian, Greek, and American dining opportunities, live-in artists in a public storefront, and a lobby whose columns are completely covered with TV screens.

Parasol Up/Down in Wynn Las Vegas

The twin Parasol bars are a good place to relax with a drink and take in the bright colors and unique designs that give them their shared name. They also give patrons a great view of the Wynn grounds, allowing you a chance to see the 40-foot waterfall and the people milling around outside.

Las Vegas may be famous as a place to gamble, but you can always people-watch without spending a dime.

Image via Flickr by Karlis Dambrans


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