2 Best Buffet Restaurants In and Around Las Vegas

17950276962_2cd8fd58a3_bKnown as a city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is famous for those shotgun weddings, casinos, and variety of entertainment options. What some might not know is that Las Vegas is also home to some great restaurants that offer fantastic buffets. While food might not be on the top of your list when visiting this town, you’ll definitely want to experience at least one of these restaurants before you leave. So get ready to loosen your belt and join us as we highlight two of the best buffets in the Las Vegas area.

Wicked Spoon

Dubbed as one of the best restaurants in America by the Wall Street Journal, the Wicked Spoon should definitely be on your list. Serving up a unique variety of food, it’s here where you can sample bone marrow, duck tacos, and kimchi fried rice just to name a few. Another unique feature of this restaurant is that it’s not the traditional line-up-and-heap-it-on-your-plate, all items are served on individual-sized plates while still allowing for plenty of mixing and matching.

The Buffet at the Bellagio

For a more traditional buffet dining experience, you definitely can’t go wrong with the ambiance and food at the Bellagio. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can have a 5-star dining experience complete with mouth-watering foie gras, buffalo duck, crab legs, and delicious desserts.

From seafood to pasta to beef, you can definitely eat your way through many different and delicious buffets in Las Vegas. Is there one that’s on your list?

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