10 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Las Vegas

At Reliable Auto Sales, we know that the high price tags of new cars drive many consumers to look to used car lots instead for their next vehicle. Pre-owned vehicles are a great option, but car buyers need to be aware of certain things as they scope out those used car lots.

These tips will leave a smile on any buyer’s face as they drive their used-car purchase home.

1) Always take a test drive: Prospective drivers should take the car out on both local roads and highways. Cars may drive differently in different environments. Look for how the car handles and for any odd noises coming from the engine.

2) Interior and exterior: Prospective buyers should check out both the inside and outside condition of the car. Check the interior upholstery carefully, and look for any repairs that have been done to the exterior of the car. Make sure the repairs were done professionally, and always look under the hood, checking for rusty, excessively worn or dirty parts.

3) Leaks: Check to see if the vehicle is leaking fluids. If so, this is a red flag. Let the car run for a minute and then check to see if any fluids are on the pavement. If so, give it a pass.

4) Do your research: Look for the cars with the best resale value, and look for cars that have not had lots of recalls.

5) Research prices, too: Know what a used car dealer should be charging for specific makes and models before you shop. Checking Kelley Blue Book values and those of other online sources before shopping is always a good idea.

6) Mechanic inspection: Most car buyers don’t think to have a mechanic inspect their car before they buy, but this can be a costly mistake. A professional mechanic can often point out major problems or recommend a car as being in good shape.

7) Certified pre-owned: Look for certified pre-owned cars because this offers buyers an extra level of quality assurance. Typically these vehicles come with extended warranties.

8) Avoid buyer’s remorse: Don’t purchase quickly. Take some time to do your research and then negotiate in order to get the best deal.

9) VIN: Check a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder chart to make sure it is the correct one for the car.

10) Vehicle history report: A vehicle history will show any title problems, the car’s ownership history, service points and previous accidents. These reports are available from dealers and can also be ordered online.

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