10 Car Cleaning Tips to Make Your Used Car Look like New

Las Vegas, Nevada, car dealerships value quality, clean cars. A clean car shows that it is well taken care of and, as a dealer, will be easier to sell.

Before selling a car to a dealership, make sure to have the car cleaned as best as possible. A clean car is not only better looking, but worth more come offer time.

Best Car Cleaning Tips

  1. Use a brush and vacuum combo to get rid of hard-to-get-to dust

    Find a soft brush and carefully sweep the dust off air conditioning vents, knobs and buttons. While dusting, have a vacuum nearby to suction the dust as it comes off the surfaces. By doing this, you prevent the dust from landing elsewhere.

  2. Remove and replace the air filter

    No amount of air freshener will help a car if the air filter is not clean. Have it replaced and then use air freshener to truly add a new car smell.

  3. Remove embedded dirt with toothbrush and soap

    If dirt stuck on vinyl will not come off with a rag, a toothbrush or a brush with sturdy bristles used in a circular motion often will get the job done and make the vinyl look like new.

  4. Get rid of animal hair with water and a squeegee

    Pet hair can be hard to get rid of. The easiest way is to spray light mists of water on the upholstery and then use a squeegee to clump up the hair.

  5. Deep clean the carpet and upholstery

    A deep clean removes set-in stains, dirt and even smells.

  6. Get rid of bugs using dryer sheets

    Use dryer sheets as they are gentle on the paint but have enough texture to remove the stuck-on carcasses of insects.

  7. Clean foggy headlights with toothpaste

    Cleaning your headlights can be tricky and annoying, but with a bit of toothpaste and elbow grease they should shine like new.

  8. Get rid of stuck on dirt with a clay bar

    After washing the car with an appropriate car-cleaning liquid, look for spots of stuck-on dirt and clean them up with a clay bar.

  9. Use synthetic wax for a mirror-like finish.

  10. Use window cleaner: Do not use soap and water for the windows.

There are many used car dealerships in Las Vegas, but none like Reliable Auto Sales, where we value your car and how much effort you have put into maintaining it. We aim to make you the best offer possible for your car. For more information about selling your car to us, give us a call today!

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